Easy Manpower Agency

About The Company

Introduction :

We established since 2008 , we are one of the top Manpower agencies in UAE , and we supply and Recruit for many companies and countries including UAE with powerful selected candidates from Our beside or from the client beside from many countries with many Manpower solutions .

Our Resources :
We provide Manpower from Many countries includes ( India , Nepal , Pakistan , Egypt , Morocco , Jordan , Nigeria , Uganda , Ethiopia ,Kenya , Cameron , Ghana , Philippines , Albania , Turkey )
Our Selection type :
We can manage all type of recruiting through Skype , screening the CV's with contact details and physical interviews in candidates country with our facilities provided .

Our services :
We are partners for many companies and government sectors in UAE to run their Human resources Department and personnel to recruit for them and follow up with them for all types of problem they Are facing including :
1- Getting the best nationalities for the their positions they have .
2- Time saving for recruitment process .
3- Manage the selection type ( Skype interview , Cv's selection , physical interview )
4- For physical interview we provide all facilities to do it .
5- Following up with the candidates after employment process and troubleshooting .
6- Following up with candidates and company to get the best productivity and mentality .
7- Getting the best category in MOL companies system .
8- UAE Labour Law knowledge .
9- PRO services with cost control .
10- Labour camp services .
11- Workers bad Mentality Troubleshooting .
12- Workers replacements solutions .
13- Workers guaranty solutions .
14- Key performance Indicator Management .
15- Human Resources Portal for HRD.
16- Workers insurance and compensation rules .
……….and many others .

Industries we serve :

• Constructions
• Facility management
• Cleaning
• Oil and gas
• Municipalities
• Medical firm
• Hospitality
And Any others ………..

Our Mission :

Our customers are central to our mission.
We are committed to connecting great companies with great employees and opening up Opportunities for both by providing the highest quality of outsourced employment and Manpower Services. Success for our customers is reached by empowering them to focus on what they do best.
Our Vision :
We continuously strive to become the preferred source for employment and Manpower services. We are dedicated to serving our customers and the community with the highest levels of service, knowledge, professionalism, honesty and integrity.
We are devoted to remaining unsurpassed in customer satisfaction.
We strive to maintain our reputation as a:
• Professional small business with principles and integrity
• Friendly organization that supports our communities
• Willing and trusted partner
• Generous organization, giving of time and resources

Our Values :
• Trust: We are a high performing, high quality organization dedicated to employment and Manpower services – a trusted partner and resource for our customers and our community.
• Respect: We treat every individual with respect, in every interaction.
• Integrity: We promise only what we can deliver, and we deliver on every promise. Our Business is built on a foundation of honesty and integrity.
• Commitment: We are committed to providing solutions for our customers. We exist to meet and solve the challenges our customers face.
• Professionalism: We are seasoned professionals, continuously educating ourselves and preparing for the challenges ahead.
• Joy: Helping others through our daily business activities and community service brings us joy.